I.B.Company was founded in 2009.

The company's founder, Ilona Bovens, is a certified realtor, a member of the Association of Real Estate Professionals in Ukraine, a participant of the international conferences and symposia on real estate. Among her personal clients are not only citizens of Ukraine, but also of Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Spain, Israel, the USA and many other countries.

Over 10 years of the company's business, more than 500 complex and successful projects have been implemented for more than 2,000 clients.

Our clients become our long-term partners and friends, and recommend us to their friends.

I.B.Company is open for cooperation on a wide range of tasks covering various spectra of human life - business and investment, tourism and entertainment, health and beauty.

Why particular I.B.Company:

  • Years of experience in managing assets;
  • Practice of production worker, realtor, manager;
  • Experience in building business processes as a single set, drawing up a roadmap of the project from the object selection to getting profit;
  • Risk measurement;
  • Cost analysis and cost optimization;
  • Creation of the promotional content , testing of the demand;
  • Selection and control of the right contractors;
  • Sales organization;
  • Consultation and assistance in legal, accounting, construction issues.

We are pleased to provide you with services in the following areas:

  • Renting out and Purchasing of commercial and residential real estate in Ukraine and around the world. Our activity is highly appreciated not only by clients, but also by colleagues. I.B.Company is a member of the Ukrainian Association of Real Estate Specialists.
  • Property investment in order to get passive income.
  • Medical tourism. We cooperate with the leading public and private medical institutions, rehabilitation centers, sanatoriums and resorts.
  • Assistance in conducting a business of foreigners in Ukraine.
  • "Misto Mov" is a translation agency that performs all types of translations from more than 60 languages of the world, including all European, Oriental and languages of the CIS countries.
  • Support for foreign citizens on the territory of Ukraine, transfer and transport logistics.

I.B.Company – Your guide to the world of investment and business.

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