One of the main problems that foreigners face when they come to Ukraine is a catastrophically low number of people who know English and other European languages. Avoid the language vacuum, the subsidiary company Ukraine Assistant Company - Translation Bureau "Misto Mov" will help you.

6 reasons to use the services of the Translation Bureau "Misto Mov":

  • We translate from more than 60 languages of the world, including all European and Eastern languages, as well as the languages of the CIS countries.
  • We provide all types of translations: written (translation of texts, preparation of documents, correspondence), oral (simultaneous, consecutive translations, jesting, accompaniment during meetings and business negotiations), online (translations during online negotiations, conferences, Etc.), certified (apostille, legalization), visa support.
  • We hire native speakers as interpreters.
  • We make high-quality specialized and technical translation (legal and financial documents, medical texts, documents on construction, IT, agriculture, energy, freight, automotive, oil and gas, industrial equipment, etc.).
  • We work quickly and efficiently - in a short time and without losing the quality of translations.
  • We provide quality services at low prices.

The translation agency "Misto Mov" will be pleased to pick you a highly professional interpreter in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities, regardless of the purpose of your trip to Ukraine, whether it is a business trip, medical tourism or a romantic acquaintance.

We will definitely find a common language with you!mistomov.com.ua

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